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„Snowboarding and helping others to unleash their full potential makes me the happiest.“

About Melina

Melina is incredibly passionate about snowboarding and other action sports. Whether she is on a snowboard, skateboard, mountain bike, or surfboard, she is unstoppable when she has a new challenge to tackle, and a rush of adrenaline coursing through her veins. Her positive attitude and unbreakable motivation makes her a true powerhouse. She also loves inspiring others to discover their potential. As a coach, nothing is more rewarding than seeing her students develop their skills, push past their limits, and experience the thrill of the sport. Let’s all embrace our passions and chase after our dreams with unstoppable energy!


What an inspiring duo! Melina was working hard as Anna Gassers coach towards her dream of becoming the first female snowboard freestyle coach who leads her athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympics. Their determination and dedication to each other and to their passion for snowboarding is truly remarkable. They are setting an incredible example that highlights the power of women’s collaboration in snowboarding. Let’s continue to support and encourage all women in sports to break barriers and achieve their dreams!

BEIJING,CHINA, 15. FEB.22 - OLYMPICS, SNOWBOARD BIG AIR - Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022, Anna Gasser Trainerin Olympia
Anna Gasser Trainerin Olympia
BEIJING,CHINA, 15. FEB.22 - OLYMPICS, SNOWBOARD BIG AIR - Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022, Anna Gasser Trainer Snowboard Team
BEIJING,CHINA, 15. FEB.22 - OLYMPICS, SNOWBOARD BIG AIR - Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022, Snowboard Team
Anna Gasser Trainerin


Snowboard Freestyle Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Melina is confident in her ability to provide you with tailored support to achieve your personal goals, anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to seasonal limitations – with her guidance, you can reach new heights in both winter and summer!


Commercial Shoots & Action Sports Model

As an action sports professional, Melina excel in commercial shoots as a stunt double and model. She successfully participated in a winter campaign for a renowned fashion brand and film production. 


Social Media Cooperation

Melina is a highly regarded German Action Sports Influencer, with a remarkable reach and an innovative and exciting content style. She represents an excellent choice if you’re searching for an Influencer of exceptional value. Many recognized companies have already partnered with her to benefit from her impressive work.



„My calling in life is to help others recognize and nurture their true potential, while indulging in my own passions for snowboarding and content production. As a dedicated advocate for the sport, I am committed to its ongoing growth and development. I take great pleasure in participating in commercial photo shoots during the winter months, and was honored to serve as the face of the 2022/23 winter campaign for Jack Wills. My contributions to the campaign included a variety of lifestyle and snowpark shots, including a particularly thrilling shoot in the pipe in New Zealand.“

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